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I graduated! What’s next?

I did it! I graduated from New Area Director Training.  It took me two years, but I have completed the training with friends from around the nation.  The training is designed to help me transition from campus work to my new role as a supervisor.

So what did I learn?  Much of what we learned related to how we can better supervise our staff.  I must have learned something, because my staff think I am the best area director.

At a recent staff team meeting, my staff team decided to honor my graduation by presenting me a very special award, “Best Area Director.”  They even made a mortar board hat for me (see picture).

After graduation, people often ask what’s next?  Hopefully more of the same.  I love my job!

Coming up: interviewing staff candidates, work with new staff at leadership camp and help staff plan out new student outreach for Fall 2010.

Reaching the whole campus

A few years the Bemidji State InterVarsity chapter was at the lowest point of involvement in about 20 years. We had a small leadership team and my wife and I were newly married. We decided that we would both lead two small groups and at the end of that year we had about forty students involved in the four small groups. Last year we had about 120 students with eight small groups and 37 conversions. God has been moving. Read more

AIDs: our response

I was half way through college before I realized that not everybody had the same opportunities that I did.

I was working at a summer camp where the leader had us play a simulation.  The simulation was simple. Take a step forward if the statement applied to you.  Stay put if it doesn’t.

I remember the first statement. “Take a step forward if your family had multiple book shelves.”  I took a step forward.

Take a step forward if your family had a cabin.  My immediate family didn’t have a cabin, but my grandparents did and we went there almost every weekend during the summer.  Take a step forward if your father went to college.  My father went to North Dakota State University.  Take a step forward if you mother went to college.  My mom went to Moorehead State University.  Take a step forward if your family had a computer.  My family had a LOT of computers.

By the end of the experiment Read more