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What is that smell?

I am not a real big fan of coffee.  In fact I don’t drink it and neither does my wife.  Coffee has a smell that is unmistakable.   It fills a room.  When you leave a coffee shop everyone you meet for the rest of the day will know where you have been.  Different coffee shops have different smells.  My wife can even tell me which coffee shop I have been working at depending on the smell on my cloths.  Folders had a whole series of commercials that finished with a little jingle.  Why do I go to coffee shops?  Primarily the wifi.  Secondarily the tea.  I love tea, but tea doesn’t have the same smell.  It doesn’t stick with you the rest of the day. Read more

Evangelism and Culture

God is at work drawing people to himself.  I am excited!  Students are leaving their lives of sin and choosing to follow Jesus.  Over the past two and a half years at Bemidji State we have seen 57 students make decisions to follow Jesus and I expect that we will see more.  Nationally, InterVarsity is seeing one of the largest harvests in history.  We are living in exciting times.  What’s happening?  I believe God is using a generational issue to raise up followers to fulfill his mission.  The mission is to care about the world.  Students care about injustice.  The good news is that God does too!  What’s going on?

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Hearing and Seeing

When I was 5 years old, I was legally blind in my left eye. I remember one time when I walked up to side of our kitchen table. The table stretched out to my right. My mom was sitting at the head of the table eating breakfast.
When you are 5, you can barely see over the table. As I stood at the edge of the table with my mom sitting to my left, I announced, “Mom! I can’t see out of my left eye!”

My dad, who was standing in the hallway, came over to the table. Together they asked me to close my right eye and to count the number of fingers I saw.

“One, two three,” I counted.

Every time, no matter how many fingers they put up, I could count them.

Jesus talked a lot about hearing and seeing in the parable of the soils in Matthew 13.

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How can I know?

What should I major in?  Who should I marry?  What  job should I take?  Where should I live?  What should I do?  The list of questions we ask God are endless.  Inquiring minds want to know.  At every stage in life we ask a new set of questions.  I am asking, should I go to seminary?  Where should I go to seminary?

How do we know which path to take?  How do we know whether it will honor God?  How can we be sure it is the will of God?

The short answer is: we can’t!  The long answer is that we can use the Bible, community, prayer, and history to help us figure it out.  What do I mean by that? Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

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