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Letting Christmas Speak

Sitting in Church this Sunday brought a wave of emotion.  Singing the song, “In Christ Alone,” began to speak to me.  As I sang the last verse I couldn’t hold in the emotion that was overcoming me.  Sandi and I have recently experienced great joy and sorrow.  We welcomed the birth of our son, Elam […]

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Facebook strengthens faith

Students often tell me that Facebook is a distraction to their studies and their faith.  I agree.  It is easy to get sucked into a world of clicking through profiles, photo’s, groups, interesting fan pages.  The hours spent on facebook certainly can be detrimental to ones study habits, not to mention real live socializing.  Some […]

Using your break for the kingdom

Finals are nearly over.  I remember how relieved I used to feel when the semester finally ended.  I could go home and relax.  It was easy to just shut down everything, including my spiritual discplines.  To this day when I reach the end of a milestone event and I am exhausted,  I shut down.  All […]

Elam Shelton Asker arrives early! (December 7, 2009)

We jolted out of bed at 6:30am thinking that Sandi’s water had broken. It didn’t continue to leak, but we started monitoring regular contractions. 12 minutes in between each. So we called labor and delivery. Dropped off Calista at the Sommers and headed for the hospital. By 11am they told us that it was likely […]