Archive for January 2003

Car Fix

After a long grueling day in the winter cold, my car finally works the way it is supposed to! A friend and I removed and installed a new alternator in my car to fix my electrical problems. During the instalation process we got down to the last bolt, but couldn’t get it in. So, we removed the alternator only to find out it was the correct bolt, and that the new paint to make the remanufactured part new was enough to make it almost impossible for us to get the bolt in place. So, we installed the alternator again, and finally finished 5 hours later on a cold wintery day in Janurary. Now my car works great!

It’s a New Year

Well, it’s a new year. I know I’m a bit late but I’ve been busy. I went to some fund development training the last few days in Minneapolis. I was able to navigate my way around Minneapolis without a car, I was pretty excited about that. New Year’s Eve, I drove my car to Pelican Rapids to diagnose the electrical problems on my car. We found that the alternator was barely keeping my car alive. I ordered a new alternator online, and I’ll be installing it this Saturday! I can’t wait for the electrical system in my car to work properly!