Archive for March 2001

Updated POP3 Server

“After trying a new pop3 (email) server with some difficulties, I found another one. I now have tpop3d installed. This pop server has code in it to defeat the “”DO NOT DELETE”” message and some other features I may implement. That is for IMAP (another email server) users only. This should not affect webmail, or IMAP users. It should provide better support for POP3 users.”

Red Lodge

I got back from Red Lodge Mountain yesterday at 8:00am after driving all night. I had a lot of fun skiing. I tried to ski all of the black diamond runs. I skied with Adena and Brian on Monday, and with Mark on Tuesday. On my 21st birthday, I went to Bobarts, and had a 7up. (My first legal drink?) I had fun! Thanks to my Mom and Dad.

Escape from Monkey Island

Well, after hours of playing monkey island this week, i finally passed the game! It is definately a fun game. For those of you who haven’t played it, i won’t spoil it for you. However, monkey combat was rather interesting, and so was how you defeat the game.