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CD Player

Well, before thanksgiving, I ordered a CD player for my car, and yesterday I received it. I drove down to Hofland’s house and started tearing apart my car, and 2 and a half hours later, I had new cd player in my car. It was a fun project to do. I’ve never worked on a […]

My New Car!

Well, after years (21) of having an imaginary car that didn’t take any gas, maintenance, or anything else for that matter, I now have a car! It’s first trip was a succesful one, driving from my hometown back to college. However it didn’t come without it’s fun surprises. Needless to say, nothing bad happend, just […]

OpenSSH Upgrade

Today, I upgraded silage to the latest version of openSSH, which should now support both ssh1 and ssh2. I opened up a ssh server on port 21 (thereby shutting down the FTP) for about 1 hour. I compiled, and then installed the system logged into the alternative port, and then killed the old server, and […]

Server Upgrade

Well, after starting at 9:00pm on Friday night, installing two new hard drives, a new video card, a new processor, and an IDE controller card, ASKER.NET is running again. It is now running a RAID system (in case of hard drive failure, data should remain intact). The video card that was causing problems has now […]


A summer in colorado is great! But it’s great to be home. My parental unit, andy, and jill all came out to see me at Bear Trap. We all had a great time in the mountains, and then they took me home. Wow, if only I had the space to write about the wonders God […]

All Done!

Well, it’s official, I am all done with this school year. I took my last final at 12:30 today, and finished it at 12:48, 18 minutes, and i was done! Another year is done, it seems hard to believe, but it is finished.

Moved Home…

Well, I packed up my belongings, and moved home from school today. We still have a week of finals, but I don’t have a test until friday. So, I’m going to hang out with my family, and then return on wednessday to begin studying. Next weekend I will be on my way to Colorado for […]

Sand Baggin…

Well, at 3:00pm today, we boarded a van and went to the Fargo Waste Center, where we filled sand bags, and tied them up. At 5:00pm we went to eat, and then went out to Howitson’s house where we sandbagged their house. until 9:00pm It was sorta fun to help someone out 😉

AI Software Agent…

“Well, I have finished the implementation of my artificial intelligence project. I implemented an agent that walks around a world, sharpens knives, and talks to people. For assignment #2 I designed what I thought I might Implement. Assignment #3 I actually implemented him. If you want to know more, you can check out http://www.asker.net/cs426/“

Updated IP…

Well, Micronet was asked by it’s Internet provider to change IP addresses today, which means I had to change the IP for ASKER.NET and lakewoodfc.com. So, after a few phone calls, and a few modifications, The roll over happened at about 11:40 today, and total downtime depended on when your own DNS server updated. I […]